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The work of Enock Ilunga is an interpretation of his environment, the daily life around him. His work depicts a genuine African scenario mostly treated in a semi-abstract style. Enock's philosophy is "a work of art is never complete. Art is a continuous struggle of creation and imagination. Some people claim that only the African can really appreciate Africa's culture, but I think a rich culture should be the common property of all over the world".


Born in 1954, in Kawambwa, Zambia, Enock started painting professionally in 1975. He is autodidactic and he further developed his talent with the assistance of older colleagues. Not confined solely to oil paintings, he also creates sculptures from scrap metal. Several of his large sculptures are visible at different locations in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Enock's colourful oil paintings have taken the Nordic people by storm. Building on a successful exhibition at Galleri Viktoria in Göteborg in November 1997, Enock had his second individual exhibition in Sweden in January 1999. This time the venue was Ugallery in Stockholm. Enock's work has also been included in the "Saana Africa" touring exhibition in Norway in 1995. Besides the Nordic countries, Enock has exhibited in Zambia, England, New Zealand, USA, Kenya, Botswana and Mozambique.


In 2006, the Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation was officially opened in Karlstad, Sweden. Enock contributed with the official SADEV painting and he describes the painting as "women pounding and evaluating maize". The picture is shown in the photo gallery with the director Anders Danielson next to the painting. An additional six paintings are exhibited in the photo gallery.


Since 2021, the Modern Gallery in Stockholm is selling paintings by Enock Ilunga. Please visit www.moderngallery.se.


There is also a facebook group called "friends of Enock Ilunga". 


Enock can be contacted at enock.ilunga@gmail.com or at telephone 260-96-6459 066.


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